Get It Together…

I admitted to my daughter just the other day, that I really wish God, Himself, would come and sit with me, face to face, and explain to me what has been happening in my life. Then, I would love for Him to explain to me what is going to happen during the rest of my life so that I make all the right decisions from this day forward.

I will soon be 50 years old. I am more unsure of myself now than I was, when I knew everything, at 25. I can only assume, at 50, I have lived at least half my life, and I can reflect over the last 25 years and clearly see what has worked, what hasn’t, where I made great choices and where I lost my head, temporarily, and made some pretty rotten ones. We “live and learn” right? Well, maybe not so much, because here I am, today, wondering what is even happening right now?

There have been times in my life when I was in close relationship with God, and there have been many times (I should probably put the word many in all CAPS) in my Christian walk when, I’m pretty sure, God got so far ahead of me that he stopped at the local police department to organize a full on search and rescue. Good news though, they found me. Dont worry, I will likely give you all those sordid details another day. Since then, like a scared child who gets lost in an amusement park because he refuses to hold his parents hand and finally spots them after 10 heart pounding minutes of panic, I am stuck to Him like glue.

So, here I am at the mid-life point, and I have finally realized the importance of daily communication with God. I know He is with me, and I know He is listening. I really feel like He is still waiting for me to “get it together” so to speak. I’m pretty sure he giggles at me from time to time. Probably, He also shakes his head while planting the palm of his hand against His forehead at my many screw-ups, but every now and then, He will throw me a bone when He sees what a hot mess I’ve become. Anyway, He is always right on time. He is good like that, and I am uber Thankful.

So, Here is the deal. I have never had a Blog before now. I’m not, by a long shot, an English Major. I tend to write like I talk. Im a, born and raised, Georgia Peach, so there’s that. (Y’all and Bless your hearts included) You will likely encounter a run-on, just sayin’. A while back, a friend of mine, who was an excellent writer, created the most addicting blog. Her blog posts were hilarious, well written and very captivating. I was envious to say the least. I have always wanted to create content that was equally as fabulous; however, my goal, right this moment is, simply, to create content. This will be an outlet for me. I’m hoping, in writing about the craziness that is my life, that an epiphany will spring forth and slap me in the face. I pray that I will, for once, be able to see the whole forrest and not just the many trees. I’m standing at some crossroads in life and have no clue which path to take. For now, I’m gonna sit down on the nearest stump and wait patiently, in hopes that God decides to throw me another bone. If anyone happens to find my blog, I welcome suggestions, encouragement, wisdom, and friendship.

Be Well,


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