Peace and Blueberry

This week, I’m having a “Stay-cation”. I work in a dental office and we are closed this week. This is the 3rd week that we have been off this year.

The first week was in April, and since I had not seen my Mother in almost a year, I hopped in my car and drove from Georgia to Canada for a visit. I was loath to drive all that way by myself, but I managed to quiet my fears and go anyway. My Mother has been in Canada for about the last 15 years. She re-married a few years after my dad passed away in 2000, and moved North with my new Step-Dad. She was really happy with her new beau, and he seemed to treasure my sweet Mother. I made sure I got plenty of rest the night before. I drove about 8 hours up to Cincinnati, spent the night and drove an additional 8 hours the following day. Mom has changed quite a bit in the last year. She has always been very active and, both, physically and mentally healthy; however, she went in for an elective hip replacement towards the end of 2016, and acquired a MRSA infection. After several surgeries to try and rid her of the infection, removal and replacement with just a spacer, a 6 month long hospital stay, and having a stroke the night before she was to come home, and being 83 years old, my mother is forever changed. She can only walk about 6 steps before having to sit. She cannot climb stairs at all and her mind has been affected a good deal. She is still in great spirits, and she still manages to hold on to the title of Princess, as my Stepdad lovingly addresses her. She does have an underlying condition but they are managing it pretty well. I miss her tremendously, especially given all that has transpired with her. We are so far away, and for the first time, it has made me realize that I am running out of time to enjoy my sweet Mom. My daughter is getting married in September, however, and my Step-Dad has agreed to get her down to Georgia for the wedding. I am so very Thankful. Moving her, and especially traveling long distances with her, is a very difficult, and scary task for them. My Step-Sister (in Canada) and I are doing everything in our power to make this trip as easy and smooth as possible for them. My Step-Dad is very nervous, but I explained to him that this really may be my children and grandchildren’s last chance to spend time with her, hug her, and have picture memories made with her, not to mention my brother, niece and nephews last chance. Unfortunately, it is just really difficult for any of them to travel that far due to expense, work schedules, etc.. My son hasn’t seen his Grandmother in probably 7 years already due to his joining the military, and he is fixing to transfer to Alaska for 5 years. My Mother has never even met his daughter who will be 4 years old soon. So, they are coming while my Mother is still pretty healthy. The closer she gets to 90, it will become virtually impossible. Life is so short.

The second week of Vacation was spent in Seattle, WA. My son, who is stationed there, went through a divorce last July. He didnt want to lose his marriage and didnt want to be separated from his daughter; however, his young wife was hell bent on not being married, not living in a rainy place so far from her family and friends in Tennessee, and she had some other issues that were detrimental and not cohesive to marriage in general, but especially to life on a military post. It was truly best that they parted ways (another story for another day). Anyway, because my son is in the Military, and because there have been deployments and trainings, he has been unable to participate in Birthdays, some holidays, and other special occasions. This week happened to fall on Father’s Day, so I made it a point to get my Grandaughter out to Seattle to be with Daddy! He was uber Thankful, and she was so excited to see him. We spent time visiting, hitting up Chuck-E-Cheese, playing and shopping. It was much needed for both of them.

Ahhh, Love these two! They are my people!

These two weeks were two of the best highlights of a very busy, hectic and stressful period of time from the start of my mothers health scare, in the Fall of 2016 until now. Again..stories for another day. Anyway, I realized here recently just how exhausted this Momma is. I will get up, go and do for any one of my family members in the blink of an eye. That’s what we do! My friends and family members caution me all the time about doing too much, but again, these are my People; however, I likely take the cake as being someone who neglects self. I generally use the phrase “I’ll rest when I’m dead!”

Soooooo, because things got a little overwhelming for me as of late, and because I found myself writing my Doctor to ask her to increase my “Happy Pill” dosage, I decided this Third week of Vacation was gonna be an incognito time of REST, RELAXATION, and plain old “couch potato” REJUVENATION. I didnt even tell anyone I was off work. I told a few patients last week that I was going to pull down my shades, lock the doors and hide. I dont watch TV, so it was very quiet here yesterday. Sooo nice. I am trying to make a habit of writing, even if it’s boring! My plan is to catch up on Rest, get my diet and blood sugar under control, and bring my anxiety to an acceptable level if not eradicate it. (Well anyway) I have pulled out my Fragrant Blueberry Soy Candle that a dear friend had given me. YalL, my house smells like fresh Blueberry muffins on a Sunday Morning or a Warm Blueberry Cobbler. My husband even walked in from work and thought I had made a yummy dessert. Purely delightful!

Today?? My Husbands work truck wouldn’t start. He spent MY entire morning making phone calls to set up towing, securing a rental truck and talking to various employees. He then had an hour or two of watching TV while snacking. I told him he was MESSING UP MY CHI. When he finally left around 2:30 PM, I told him He better give me atleast 5 hours of uninterrupted solitude. Dinner will be ready around 8 PM. BYE.

We’ll see how that goes…PFFFT

Be Well,


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